Bulgaria’s advantages

  1. Strategic geographic location. Bulgaria’s position on the continent of Europe allows investors to watch and reach the market of the entire European Union, as well as Central and Eastern Europe, and also fast access to not less important North Africa, Near and Middle East and Asia
  2. Bulgaria is a full member of EU (since 2007) and NATO (since 2002)
  3. Free trade with the countries of the EU – any company registered in Bulgaria can trade duty-free with all European countries
  4. Political stability – a parliamentary republic; the legislature, the executive and the judiciary are independent of the parliament
  5. Bulgaria is a top outsourcing destination for IT and Hi-tech and engineering companies due to the highly-qualified and highly-educated multilingual workforce. Bulgaria ranks top 2 of the Most Attractive European Countries for outsourcing for 2016
  6. Financial and macroeconomic stability; good investment and business climate
  7. Strong Economic Growth – more than double the EU average
    • Free movement of capital
    • Progressive private sector
    • Fixed rate of the euro to the domestic currency (lev)
  8. Bulgaria still can be classified as cheap –  Bulgaria offers all foreign investors some of the whole world’s most competitive business and manufacturing costs.
  9. Favourable fiscal regime and legislation
    •         10% corporate income tax rate;
    •         10% personal income tax;
    •         5 % tax on dividends;
    •         Treaties for legal avoidance of double taxation signed with 66 countries;
    •         No restrictions on the after-tax repatriation of gained profits
    •         Liberal investment legislation
  10. Opportunity to invest in land through a commercial company registered in Bulgaria as well as buying land as private person
    •     Rapidly growing tourism industry
    •     Tourism & Hi-tech services are among government priority areas