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Change of registered circumstances

The Manager of any Bulgarian constrained risk organization is obliged inside 7 days from the event of progressions in the circumstances to request passage in the Commercial Register. The accompanying circumstances are liable to entrance:

• name

• extent of action

• home office

• address of administration

• administration and representation

• increment or decrease of capital

• new shareholders

• end of enrollment

• prohibition of an accomplice

• the exchange of organization imparts of a shareholder or an alternate party

• the transformation of the organization as an aftereffect of a merger, procurement, and so on.

The entrance is made on the foundation of a specimen requisition for the change, subject to enlistment, together with the connected records for every specific case. The requisition might be submitted by the Manager or Managers of the organization or by other persons as provided in law cases.

Required documents

To the provision for enlistment of OOD, EOOD, individually, should apply in the accompanying records:

organization contract, separately notice of Association, reminder in which individual information, aside from those needed by law, are erased, and in addition the Protocol (choice) of the constituent Assembly for the foundation of the organization;

an archive building the presence of a legitimate individual Director, and guaranteeing people who speak to it in its national law (just for lawful individual Director, which is not consolidated under the Bulgarian law, or a legitimate individual Director, who is not entered in the business register);

the choice of the pertinent power of a lawful individual Director, to partake in the organization with restricted obligation;

choice (the Protocol) of the constituent Assembly, separately, of the sole possessor of the capital, for the errand of the Manager or administrators;

authorized guaranteed understanding and the example of the signature of the Managers;

the permit or sanction, where the subject of movement of the Ood (Ltd.) is liable to an exceptional administration and it is a state of enrollment in the business register;

an archive from the Bank for helped capital or finish of master witnesses;

affirmation (s) alluded to in craftsmanship. 142 of CA;

affirmation (s) alluded to in craftsmanship. 141, para. 8 of CA;

acquirement contract for administration;

receipt for the paid state expense.