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Main requirements

Any foreign investor who is interested in Bulgarian company formation is allowed and may file a bunch of documents officially called business application for the purposes of company registration in Bulgaria. There are certain strict and not so very strict rules and legal requirements related to this commercial procedure.

The first one of them is basically related to the location (exact place on the territory of the country) where this process should happen. The company setup application forms (the above mentioned documents) shall be in all cases filed with any of the territorial departments of the only competent to make such sort of subscriptions Registry Agency. This has absolutely nothing to do with the officially chosen and duly submitted registered address and headquarters of the incorporating trading company. Which means that this virtually enables any person to set up a limited or any other type of company with its place for doing business (officially called seat and respective address of  management) in any given possible physical location around the whole of the country.

The second most important question is related to the competent state authority which, without any doubt, has the power to put any newly started company in its written register. In the present case this function in delegated to the Commercial Register – which is looked after by the competent in the present case Registry Agency, which, according to Bulgarian laws, is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Justice. The electronic database of this authority contains all required and relevant public circumstances under the applicable CRA, the announced acts found on an electronic database containing the aforesaid circumstances listed under the aforementioned Act, and the acts promulgated pursuant to law.