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Who can apply for registration?

Entrance in Bulgarian business enroll of a recently shaped Ood (Ltd.) can just be solicited by the Manager, delegated by the general gathering of all shareholders upon the particular finish of the articles of Association (or separately the sole manager of the capital). The organization can’t be entered provided that it is not allocated a Manager. Upon the framing of Ltd enlistment might ask for and the sole holder of capital. The unique accomplices in the Llc may not need the enrollment of the business organization, unless they are delegated for Managers. The point when numerous chiefs have been delegated – they all are enabled to request enlistment in consistence with the articles of Association as they are engaged to speak to the organization. Assuming that the agreement accommodated a joint representation and administration of two or more chiefs, the requisition ought be submitted and marked by all supervisors. In case the organization directors speak to and administer the organization independently, the provision may be submitted by each of the Managers.

The recently designated Manager is obliged to solicit the passage inside 7 days from the finish of the organization’s articles of Association. There is no hindrance for business copartners to start business exercises soon after the passage of the organization in the exchange register. However the rights and commitments are to be bourne by the accomplices. Provided that something happens the organizers ought be together and severally mindful to unbiased gatherings and the organization for the mischief they perpetrated upon its creation.